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We have some beautiful gifts for your loved one for Christmas.

Everything we make is hand poured in small batches using only pure essential oil, not synthetic fragrances.

This means that not only do we create blissful scents to fill your home, but you benefit from real wellbeing benefits such as relaxation, help with sleep, the power to be uplifted, help with focus and so much more.

Christmas Gift



Our gorgeous Bath Products made with pure essential oils.


Perfect to treat a wonderful mother you know, or yourself!

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Children laughing

About Us

This Knackered Mum brings wellness, selfcare and parenting together onto one platform.

It was born from my experience of being a mum and feeling like I had completely lost who I was, what I wanted and how to get it. Yes I love being a mum but I also need more!


I need my own space, my own purpose and once I found a way to make that happen I found I could be more present, less overwhelmed and a lot happier. 

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