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This Knackered Mum brings wellness, self care and parenting together into one space.

It was born from my experience of being a mum and feeling like I had completely lost who I was, what I wanted and how to get it. Yes I love being a mum but I also need more!


I need my own space, my own purpose and once I found a way to make that happen I found I could be more present, less overwhelmed and a lot happier. 


Does it sometimes feel like you do everything, hair cuts, dental appointments, getting new shoes, more bubble bath, sorting birthday cards, Christmas present…the list goes on doesn't it!

Image by Hollie Santos


I started to feel like all I was was a mum. Home organiser, house cleaner and schedule keeper and I was frustrated!


It wasn't anyone's fault but I had completely forgotten who I was as an individual, I couldn't remember the last time I had not been climbed all over, gone to the loo alone (god what a cliche!) I was starting to look forward to doing the weekly food shop just so I could wander aimlessly looking at things.

Things needed to change as I was starting to wish my time away and worse, wish my time away with my son.


So I started small, very small, I went for a run, well it was mainly walking, but I was out alone for 20 minutes. Fast forward to a promotion and a change to my working hours which meant I had every Friday to myself and wow it was a game changer! I would have baths, get my nails done, run, read, dance you name it, I did it and I started to feel like my younger self.

Moms and Babies

The strange thing about having time to yourself is that you begin to feel more inspired and motivated to change up other areas of your life.


I reorganised my house, decluttered my wardrobe  and started meal planning. But I didn't stop there. With my home and life becoming more organised I was beginning to have the headspace to start thinking about what I wanted for mine and my family's life and when I put pen to paper I realised I was creating goals for my life.

Image by Maddi Bazzocco


I had the time to work out what my purpose in life was and This Knackered Mum was born.


I wanted to create a place for mums to come and learn how to carve out space for me time and self care (such a buzz word these days) how to organised their homes and lives and a place to think about and create goals so they care have the life that they want and remember who they are. 

Image by Teodor Drobota
Image by engin akyurt


After years or googling '4 month sleep regression' and 'is it normal for my child to wake every night at 2am' (true story) for over a year I also wanted a place where practical and helpful parenting advice was easily accessible and a place where a community can be created where you can find support and a shoulder to cry on or a virtual hug can be shared.

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