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My Vision

I had a vision that there should be a place where mums  from all over can find advice, support, empathy, a shoulder to cry on, a place where you are not judged but helped.


A place where someone will say 'OMG YES what you feel is ok and I have been there!'And that' s how my idea for The Mum Squad was born (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)


BUT it's not enough to just have people saying that they know how you feel, although hearing those words make a BIG, BIG difference don't they!I wanted a place where you could gain valuable information and help, not just from other mums but from experts.


A place where you can remember that you are MORE than a mum, cleaner, organiser and work out what YOU want from life and learn the skills to implement that visionA place that gives you the tools to make your life easier and allow you to see just how wonderful you and your life space in the world is.

Dancing Women
Mother and Child

What We Offer

  • Monthly Goal Setting to help you plan out what you want in each area of you life and break it down into weekly and (sometimes) daily tasks to move you forward

  • Monthly Ask The Expert Classes covering The 4th Trimester, sleep, handling your finances, how to shop greener, moving house, starting school, post natal yoga and everything in between.

  • Monthly Sort Your Shit master classes where we delve into how to sort those areas in your life that make your days that bit harder, including creating a paperwork system that works for you, cleaning routines, meal planning (if you haven't heard of Trello then I am about to blow your mind!)

  • Recipes to make the mid week madness easier

  • Monthly coffee mornings where we can get together and talk about how the month is going and anything you need help with.

  • A FANTASTIC Facebook community offering support and love and a shoulder to cry on or laugh with!

  • Product reviews on the items that YOU want to know about.

Founding Members Offer!

We are at the beginning of something that I truly believe will help so many mums and so The Mum Squad is currently free to join.

I really want your input and for you to tell me what Experts you want to hear from, what ares of your life you need help with and what we can do together to help mums FIND THEIR TRIBE!

And the great thing about becoming a founding member is you get help shape the content and tell us what you want and more importantly what you need from THE MUM SQUAD!




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