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3 Stretches that will change your life

Now I am not talking getting your legs behind your head, I dont know about you but those days left me when I was about 2. But stretching has loads of benefits and doesnt have to leave you feeling like you have been put back together upside down.

You also don't need to set aside an hour a day and get up at sunrise to fit it all in. 5 mins a day can help you feel energised or relaxed or even just more focused and calm.

So if you want to feel those things and all you have to give up is 5 minutes of your time, then read on!

This is restorative yoga pose and all you need is (yep) a wall, oh and as long as you can spare.

Benefits include

  • It relaxes your mind and body so is perfect if you are stressed or have had a long day. It is great to include in your bedtime routine.

  • It can relieve headaches and migraines as it relaxes the muscles in your neck and shoulders and increases blood flow to your head.

  • It can release lower back tension (which is great if you have been carrying a heavy toddler around all day) as it releases pressure from the spine and stretched the hamstrings and neck muscles.

  • It helps to quieten the mind, especially if you have had a hard day as it it helps your to fully relax and breath deeply, which will put you into a mediative state..

How to do it

Find a wall and grab a pillow or something to help you feel comfortable.

Shimmy your bottom as close to the wall as feels comfortable and walk your legs up into an L shape.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

I love this pose, it feels like your whole back and legs are getting a great stretch and it really gives you a boost of energy during that afternoon slump.

Benefits Include

  • It boosts circulation

  • It eliminates back pain and stiffness

  • It clears your head

  • Strengthens your upper body

  • It can boost your mood

How to Do it

Crouch down and put your hands infront of you on the floor

Step your feet back and push your hips up into the air to form a V shape with your body.

This is also a great pose to help you feel calm and helps you connect with your inner child

Benefits Include

  • This in an instant mood booster and helps with nervous energy.

  • it also helps your pelvic floor muscles let go of unconscious holding patterns.

  • It can help you reconnect with yourself

  • It helps to clear tension and re-invigorate your mind

How to do it

Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Open your hips and hold your ankles, or lower legs with your hand, breath and relax.

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