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A Dose of Perspective

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

This is not the blog post I thought I would be writing last week. Charlie woke me up at 2am on Tuesday morning struggling to breath and something inside me knew it was croup.

We went to A&E and after 2 doses of steroids, which involved me promising to buy him a ride-on sports car (luckily he seems to have forgotten!) as the medicine was so disgusting he was breathing properly and we finally got home at 5am, exhausted!

I am really lucky that I was able to take Tuesday off work and I am now finally not feeling tired! How did I used to go out on a Saturday night and then get up for work on a Sunday!

It is things like those 3 hours in A&E that really put things into perspective and always make me think I am living the life I want, am I doing the things that I want to do, not the things I should do?

I feel like I spend my life trying to balance work and my family, I have put work ahead of Charlie because I felt like I had no choice. I have 20 days holiday a year and quite clearly that does not cover all the school holidays, so what on earth am I going to do when they break up for summer?

In these situations I look to other mums for help, advice and tips, I scour the internet googling

'How to entertain your child while you work'

'Holiday clubs near me'

'How my TV is too much for a 4 year old?'

It is exhausting and time consuming and, quite frankly, depressing that this is what my motherhood journey has become.

Sometimes I just need someone to say 'Yep, that sucks, I know exactly how you feel!'

The Mum Squad has a free forum set up that I would like to use as a place where mum's can share issues like this and offer help and advice for everything, not just my immediate childcare issues!

I would love if you could join and help me build a community of support and advice, otherwise it's just me posting random things about how to get kinetic sand out of the carpet.

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