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Let's make some memories

It's the Easter Holidays, a time to cherish every moments and take amazing trips and wonderful days out, where everyone is happy and grateful and we all make wonderful memories that will be cherishes FOREVER!

Errrr I don't think so!

Let's face it, the Holidays are HARD!

They are exhausting and frustrating, your routine as all messed up, you suddenly realise juts how much your children eat when you have to feed them all day everyday and, more often than not, you feel that you should be happy, that you should be enjoying every minute

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

There is so much pressure to have a good time, do amazing wholesome things and never argue. I love being a mum but I also love being Anna, I run a business and it is also down to me to be in charge in the holidays (it is easier for me to juggle work)

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the highs and lows of the holidays!

TV/Tablet down time is OK!

Yes, yes it is. Everyone need quiet time and space away from each other and thats ok. You could turn your living room into a cinema for the afternoon, with pillows and blankets and popcorn.

Get your children to make tickets and run their own cinema and turn it into a game, with the added bonus of an hour or so if movie time and a bit of quiet time for yourself.

Try and keep some semblance of a routine

We all need routine, children in particular, as it gives structure and a sense of security when things happen in the same order and the same time each day.

Here is an idea of a simple routine for a 5/6 year old

7 - 9 Breakfast and get ready

9 - 11 Trip out, play in the garden or walk to the park

11 - 12 Downtime and/or alone play

12 - 1 Lunch

1 - 2 Drawing or making something

3 - 5 Movie afternoon

5 -6 Dinner

6 - 7 Bath time

7 - 8 Downtime and ready for bed

Give yourself a break

You are doing your best and your children will not suffer if then spend an afternoon in front of the TV or they have to entertain themselves while you do something else.

Boredom breeds imagination

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