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Let's mary poppins the sh*t outta life!

Argh the uncontrollable nightmare that is clutter, I don't know about you but it drives me crazy, it makes me feel like my life is out of control (a little dramatic?! Probably) and I just cannot seem to KEEP. ON. TOP. OF. IT!

BUT there is help and there are some easy ways to keep it under control and not feel like you spend your life picking things up and tidying stuff away. Gone will be the days where you can't find that important document, you forget your child doesn't have scooter club and get a call from his teacher (true story) and more importantly your home will be tidy, organised and calm.

The key is to start small and not get overwhelmed so I have 3 little steps you can take to see big change.

Honestly this was a GAME CHANGER for me, literally E V E R Y T H I N G that comes into our house goes into this folder immediately, except for junk mail, that goes straight into the recycling.

Every week I go through it and sort it into






At the same time I go through the To Action file, and this is the key... I write on my to do list what I need to action and by when, anything that I am in the middle of dealing with, for example changing our electricity supplier is currently waiting for info form them, I put in the IN PROGRESS file, anything I have action either goes to be filed or shredded.

Do you find that you could easily spend all day picking up things your children have abandoned while re-enacting a Minecraft battle or building the ultimate Hot Wheels Garage with Duplo. I hear you!

I also find I cannot relax at the end of the day with children's toys everywhere!

I bring you the PICK UP BASKET! Pop over to B&M and find a largish pretty basket, ideally with handles, and find a home for it in the corner of your home. I have mine in the living room under my desk

At some point in the day (and this will depend on your life/schedule etc) go round with it picking up things that don't belong and putting them in the basket.

At the end of the day (or next day if you can't be arsed to do it today!) empty it and put everything away.

Make sure everything has a home and that will definitely be a work in progress! Start with:

Your keys

Children's book bags


Hands up whose main battle is that other family members don't put things back where they live?! MEEEEE!


Label all containers so that everyone else knows where to put things, trust me, you life will become (a bit) easier!

Start implementing these today and you will feel more in control and a few steps towards a more calm and organised home

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