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meal planning is a game changer

Doesn't that sound like something your parents do! Sitting down each week and deciding what everyone will eat, argh how boring.

Well yes it is a bit boring, but I kid you not, it takes me less than 10 minutes to decide what we are eating about about 15 to add it all to my click and collect slot and order it, that is less than 30 mins a week to make your life so much easier, especially if you are trying to juggle homework, clubs, playdates etc...

And not only that, it will save you money as you have the time to look though your fridge, freezer and other cupboards and use what you already have. Putting it onto your supermarket app for delivery or click and collect will also help you keep with in budget as you can see what you are spending.

I have never been someone who has been very good at doing what they are told and following the rules, maybe call me a free spirit but I have always preferred to go with the flow.

I very quickly leaned that isn't really possible when you have baby and when I started implementing certain plans and structure into my week I actually discovered that it made my life freer and gave me back time.

Meal Planning was one such thing that I started doing and now I look forward to doing it each week. There have been times when I haven't meal planned and done a weekly shop and my life has honestly suffered because of it, we end up spending more money, eating rubbish, eating late and feeling stressed and annoyed!

I set aside time each week, usually on a Saturday afternoon when I have a bit of time to myself and work out what I am going to cook for dinner. I don't meal plan breakfast or lunch as everyone does their own thing for breakfast and most lunchtime I am at home on my own (school holidays are a different story and I change things up slightly)

Here are some of my tips

  • Have a few family favourites that you can rotate each week/month

  • Have a theme for each night, for example wraps on Monday, Curry on Tuesday, Meat free on Wednesday etc...

  • Use your slow cooker/pressure cooker, especially for mid week meals when you are busy and tired!

  • Have a list of your favourite with the book and page number or web address etc so you can easily find the ingredients and add them to your shopping list

  • If your children eat earlier or have more fussy tastes then make a simpler version of what you are having so that you arent making 2 completely different meals (easier said than done in this house!)

I have created a downloadable planner and recipe reference sheet to make your life easier.

Download your free Meal Planning printable and Recipe Reference sheet >>>

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