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Romance when you are knackered!

Valentines day has never been something that I have really participated in, I mean what is romantic about someone showing you with romance because they basically have to!

However as the years have gone by I started to embrace it and actually its kinda fun. But romance when you have children is pretty much impossible, create all the sitting room floor picnics or couples bubble baths you like as long as you don't mind being constantly interrupted which shouts of 'Mummy I need you'

Mood killer!

Lets not also forget that I am usually ready for sleep by 9 and seeing as how our youngest is now going to sleep at 8.30 that gives me 30 mins to squeeze in a romantic meal, with wine and candles while we talk about how much we love each other...(oh who am I kidding) who is doing the school run tomorrow, oh yes we have romance nailed in our house!

But all is not lost, we just need to be inventive and not put too much pressure on ourselves. And yes sleeping for 12 hours straight is a totally acceptable Valentine's Day present to give someone!

I always (nearly as I have been known to forget during those years of complete sleep deprivation) make a card. I am not saying we need to be creating the next Monet! This could be the one time your children actually help you... Little hand prints can be turned into a heart and little finger prints can create a pretty flower.

Another lovely idea that I have used before is to type up and print out your favourite quote and stick it onto the front of your card. A personal and handmade card can be rustled up in less than 20 mins and will mean so much more than one bought while you are doing the weekly food shop.

I have created a printable that you can turn into a card and I have taken away all the hard work.



Dinner should be a treat for everyone so in our house its a takeaway, no cooking and NO washing up! Hurrah!!

Im going to leave the present buying to you but I have popped a few easy/cheap and relaxing ideas below.

  • Spa Bath with wine and Netflix (and a locked door)

  • Country walk

  • Vouchers for most hated tasks (washing the car, dusting, cleaning the bathroom)

  • Massage

  • Movie Night

  • Picnic in bed


Whatever you are up-to remember that sometimes all you really need is what is right in front of you (and a Spa bath!)

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